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IIDS is one of the channels for fulfilling the great commission of God by reaching the deaf and hearing communities in an educational setting, raising up bold leaders and teachers and sending out anointed laborers, the deaf will come to know Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior in the Age of Technology.

It is the mission of IIDS to train leaders and educators both deaf and hearing, interpreters and workers with the deaf to evangelize, obtain skill development in American Sign Language and Deaf Culture, technology and religious training. Leaders, educators, sign language interpreters, workers/teachers of deaf children and adults around the country will make a dynamic impact on society.

The ministry is incorporated and approved by the Internal Revenue Service as a nonprofit charity (5013c).

IIDS was founded by Paul William Ellis and incorporated on February 16, 1994.
A. IIDS Objectives:
1. To help establish deaf ministries where none exist.
2. To provide opportunities to recruit and train pastors and missionaries to serve deaf congregations.
3. Identify educators, leaders, and sign language interpreters, workers/teachers of deaf children and adults who need technology training.
4. To offer the opportunities for training deaf, hard-of-hearing and hearing persons with an interest in deaf ministry in all aspects of Christian ministry.
5. To provide educational workshops, concerts of prayers, banquets, and praise and worship conferences as training opportunities.
6. To develop financial resources needed to accomplish goals.
B. IIDS Vision
We have a vision at IIDS and it is a vision inspired by God. By joining hands in service and in stewardship, we can translate our vision into a reality and allow our light to shine, illuminating the glory of God.
C. Paul William Ellis
Paul is an ordained Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He is a platform deliverer. He is available to do revivals, evangelistic services, workshops and conferences for the hearing and the deaf.
Interpreting Services:
Church Services, Counseling Sessions, Weddings, Concerts, Academics, Special Events, Etc.
American Sign Language, "From A Pastor's Heart", Christian Education, Leadership Training, Deaf Culture, Praise and Worship.,
Sign Language (Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced), Interpreter Training, Bible Study (Book by Book or topical), Vacation Bible School.
You state the need and Paul will develop, design and facilitate accordingly.
For more information or to solicit services, contact Paul at the address and telephone number below.
Paul William Ellis
1001 49th Street West
Birmingham, AL 35208
205-780-5751 V/TTY (Home)
205-785-0623 (FAX)
205-305-2173 (Text/Cell)